Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania Overview

Tom Wolf was born in York County, Pennsylvania in 1948. He attended Dartmouth College, but left to join the Peace Corps and spent two years in India before returning to Dartmouth and finishing his undergraduate degree. He also now has graduate degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of London. While completing his doctorate, Wolf worked in the family lumber and building products company, the Wolf Organization, as a forklift operator. Upon earning his doctorate, he ran the Tru-Value Hardware Store located in Manchester Pennsylvania. Tom and some relatives eventually came back to the Wolf Organization and bought it. In the 25 years they owned it, Wolf and his relatives exponentially grew the company before selling it in 2006. In 2007, Wolf joined the previous Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, as the secretary of revenue, revising the state lottery and helped create more revenue for Pennsylvania’s senior citizens. In 2009, during The Great Recession, Wolf came back to the Wolf Organization, buying it back and attempting to revitalize it as it was approaching bankruptcy. Wolf was able to revive the company, and proceeded to run for governor. Wolf was elected in early 2015, and is now into the second year of his term. The highlight of his term is his budget controversy. His budget increases state spending towards schools, environmental protection, state legislature, health care, business expansions and relocations, public safety and agriculture. This budget has been denied multiple times, but Wolf is still trying to pass it. Although the projections show that state revenue will increase from the new budget, the effect it has on taxpayers will be significant. As Wolf has spent most of his first year in office trying unsuccessfully to pass this budget, his term has been uneventful.

Sources: PA.GOV

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