Writing Leads Practice

BOE Meeting Who: Hattiesburg Board of Education. What: Met When: This morning (Tuesday) Where: Unknown (assumed Hattiesburg?) Why: Loss of enrollment. How: Unknown.

Lead: The Hattiesburg Board of Education implemented new rules after a steep drop in enrollment. Assistant superintendent, Max Hoemmeldorfer said, “this is the third year we’ve lost enrollment. The future looks bleak.”

Faculty in Plane Crash: Who: 5 people. What: Were killed. When: Thursday night. Where: Kennedy International Airport Why: Unknown. How: The plane crashed on takeoff.

Lead: Five people were killed after a plane crashed on takeoff at Kennedy International Airport on Thursday night, Feb. 18. There were 45 passengers and crew members on board.

Meeman Speaks: Who: Norman Meeman. What:Spoke at 4:30 p.m. When: Sunday, Feb. 21. Where: William Oxley Thomas Memorial Library. Why: He won the Pulitzer Prize for his book. How: Unknown.

Lead: Pulitzer Prize winning author, Norman Meeman, spoke at the William Oxley Memorial Library on Sunday, Feb. 21. He told the writers in the audience to experience life, learn how other people live, and “let your inner feelings pour out.”

Professor Wins Award: Who: Clement Crabtree. What: Won a George Washington Honor Medal When: Last week. Where: In Pennsylvania. Why: For writing the essay “Plan for Peace.” How: Unknown.

Lead: Professor of horticulutre, Clement Crabtree, won a George Washington Honor Medal last week for his essay “Plan for Peace.” He was one of the 32 winners of the award.

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