Tips to Make Your Hostel Room Feel like A Home

Jack Fussell
Apr 5, 2017 · 3 min read

It can be intimidating to shift to the dorm room and giving up everything you loved about your room in the house you have been living since your birth. The challenge is about something more than just sharing your address with someone you don’t know. Shabby carpeting of the room and bare walls don’t seem quite welcoming but you can take these bad features as opportunities to do some personalization. You just need to go into the DIY mode and start implementing things in the way you want. However, we will just give you some ideas from where you can get a head start.

Don’t let the clutter make a mess

The clutter all over the table can be quite intimidating. So, make sure that your notebooks and stray papers are organized well. A magazine holder can be of best use in this regard. The magazine holder I am talking about is not the one you buy from the market. It is the one that you make using your DIY approach. It can be made using a cereal box and a decorative paper.

The memo board

A memo board with plain green cloth looks so traditional and boring. But, you can make a memo board with the fabric of your choice to make the wall space something to cheer about rather than alarming. To make it more appealing, you can attach your favorite quotes and poetry if there is space available in the board. The design would surely make this memo board an artwork.

Put your pictures on display

While living in your dorm room, you are definitely going to miss your friends and family members a lot. In that case, it’s quite natural to open the drawer and pick the pictures of your loved ones to pass that time of sorrow. Instead of putting your pictures in the drawers, you can put them on display by mounting a horizontal picture board on the wall. The stretched strings on the board can hold the pictures. That will not only keep your loved ones in your sight but it would be a decoration enhancement as well.

Your plain bookshelf

A little paint job and application of scrapbook papers can make your boring bookshelf something you would love to look at. To get the bookshelf ready this way, start by painting the shelf. When the paint gets dry, now would be the time for application of scrapbook papers of different styles in different areas of bookshelf. You might not be allowed to paint the bookcase if it is the school’s property, so, you can work only with the decorative paper only.

Decorate the walls with artworks

The dorm’s walls are usually painted white, which is the perfect color to make the artworks more prominent. So, you can bring the artworks of your choice to make your room’s walls more welcoming and charming in the way you want.

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