Compass Rose

Finding the Common Good

Compass Rose is a growing Public Affairs and Government Relations firm situated in Ottawa, the heart of Canada’s federal government. Compass Rose helps companies and organizations find the common good. By assembling and understanding voices, viewpoints, and messages, their clients uncover the best policy directions; not only for their organizations, but for all Canadians.

The brand identity we developed for Compass Rose reflects this attitude. We’ve brought together visual elements from the natural and nautical world to create a balanced and distinct mark that denotes reliability and quality in the field of government relations.


The future is a vista of threats and possibilities. Together, alongside their clients Compass Rose charts a path toward better policy for all Canadians.

The primary logo symbolizes the trust Compass Rose’s clients put in them to act as guides through a fraught policy landscape. The visual combines elements of a rose, compass, ship, and the challenge that comes with piloting passageways of policy creation.


An evocative colour palette draws from the views of parliament from the Compass Rose office.

The selected brand colours are inspired by the materiality of the parliamentary precinct. The primary colour at the heart of the brand identity is “Commons Green” chosen to represent the lawn of parliament where all Canadians are welcome.

Why does Compass Rose choose to work in Public Affairs and Government Relations?

The answer is simple: To find the common good.

By assembling and understanding different voices and viewpoints, Compass Rose helps their clients uncover the best policy direction possible — not just for client organizations, but for all Canadians. Working to find the common good isn’t easy, but public policy is at its best when everybody wins. Getting there is what Compass Rose does best.

How does Compass Rose do it?

Their trusted leadership curates the best teams possible for every file, every time, bar none.

Compass Rose Public Affairs Counsellors are savvy, adaptable, and dedicated professionals who are committed to developing public policy that will improve the lives of all Canadians. Collaboration and cross-pollination are at the core of how they work, with each team member bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. Public Affairs Counsellor is more than just a title, it’s an ethos, a commitment to Canadians, and a promise to the clients of Compass Rose to work with them to find the common good.