AHHHHHHHHH! That compound word makes me SCREAM! (But I love what you write….)
Mary Holden

That compound word makes me SCREAM!

I’m old enough to have had many jobs over the years where I started my day sliding a paper time card (timecard?) into a timeclock (time clock?) to be stamped with my time of arrival, and again at the end of the work day (workday?). I always thought that time-stamping device that monitored my coming and going was called a “timeclock,” We even called it “punching in” and “punching out,” which exactly describes the feeling it generated. Like being punched in the gut on arrival, and punching back when you leave! I just Googled it, and the internet seems to agree with you that it’s not a real compound word. But it’s definitely a compound feeling! You only get paid for the time you put in, and you’d better meet production while you’re standing on the factory line! Ugh… That’s no way to create anything good!

Thanks, Mary!