Yeah, I don’t do nonfiction very much, but when I do they always get an adrenaline shot.
Stephen M. Tomic

fiction is my drug of choice.

This is a big factor in the question of writing for the internet VS writing books. Not just Medium, but pretty much the whole internet would have us believe that people don’t read fiction anymore. They want news, opinion, facts, knowledge. When you’re publishing your fiction on the internet, that certainly feels true. Yet, fiction books still sell like hotcakes. Fiction is many, many people’s “drug of choice,” and novels and short stories are definitely the source of most Hollywood movies (getting something I wrote made into a movie is one of my Big Life Goals). Nonfiction books sell, too, but that internet meme that no one reads or cares about fiction is just false in the book publishing world. So sometimes you just have to ask yourself if you’re swimming in the right pool, you know?

Thanks, Stephan!