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You and Me, We Inter-Are

A Zen Love poem

“If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, the trees cannot grow; and without trees, we cannot make paper. The cloud is essential for the paper to exist. If the cloud is not here, the sheet of paper cannot be here either. So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter-are.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Interbeing

All things arise from something else –
This paper, the pen, the ink, the stamp,
the woman or man who drives the mail
to your box along the gravel road,
the road itself, those boisterous men
who cleared the road, who spread the rock,
who dug the limestone from the hill, 
the Earth that raised the hill… But let’s

not take this all too far. Let’s speak
in simple words of simple words
like love. Like you. Like me. Like how
words strung across a page must lead
back to the pen, and how the pen
leads to the hand that raised the pen,
the heart that stirred the hand to move,
the you that woke my heart… Let’s try

this one more time. I write these words
to point beyond these simple words
toward something else — that thing the you,
the me, the love, the hill, the rock,
the road, the box, the mail, the ink,
the paper, pen, the hand, the heart
spin into being — this inter-are,
this ever-us, this startling we.

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