100 Words or Less: Beginning

The story of THE beginning…

Light, brighter than anything ever imaginable with the ability to blind in an instant. Heat, as intense as all the fires in the world collated together. Silence, as quiet as a church during prayer.

A sudden pulse of energy sends everything surrounding it into disarray. Neighbouring stars and comets disperse, both in fear and out expulsion.

The beginning has begun, and it is left there. Alone. With nothing or nobody to accompany it for the rest of its life.

It’s a lonely beginning, but a necessary one at that.

Exciting times ahead people. Slowly getting my feet cemented in the blogging/author world, with high aspirations.

Hope you enjoyed and as always, give it a like if you did. Soon, I hope I won’t have to beg for likes, and the like. But until then, unfortunately here I am.

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