100 Words or Less: The Phone Call

‘Hello?’ I asked, holding the phone to my ear. There was nothing but static on the other end. ‘Hello?’ I asked again.

The static continued. Just as I was about to hang up, the noise stopped. Now, there was a crackling sound — like a fire burning ferociously in the middle of a forest.

Then I heard another noise. This time it was distant, far-off. The longer I waited the more nervous I got.

Then the noise got louder. It was screaming. Muffled, through a gag.

‘Hello?’ I asked again.

‘Hello, Karen. Would you like to speak to your mother?’

Ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed this short piece. The inspiration behind this one was from an earlier thought I had today. Recently, I have been given a writing journal of 365 writing prompts. Today’s was about receiving a text message from an unknown number, and what the subject of said text message would be.

For obvious reasons, I can’t disclose too much of the original thought I had, but the above 100 Words or Less follows the same sort of format! Who knows, maybe I will pursue it in the future. Stick around.

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