For me what I need to hear is “I’m sorry.” If there is atonement for the damage done then I can get over it. What I see now is more hatred, more condemnation of Hillary and IT DOESN’T STOP. It was a witch burning, completely uncalled for, straight up misogyny and really unfair to her.
My reason for writing it has nothing to do with the Bernie Sanders supporters now.
Sasha Stone

This is becoming absurd.

Please, take a look at the numbers and the analysis. You want to talk about damage done? Maybe you should look at the fact that her campaign screwed up. Or do you think it is cool that their GOTV targeted Trump voters? Or that 9% of Dems voted for Trump? Or that her attempt to court Republicans was a miserable failure that cost her votes from the Dem base?

For God’s sake what the hell does that have to do with hating women?

You are part of the problem.