XuPoP Software review and bonuses

So you’ve built a website with WordPress.

You might even have some traffic coming in.

And sooner or later, you’re gonna need to offer them something, or

collect their email addresses, or simply survey them to find out what they

actually want from you.

You want something that can be automated…

… and that stands out on your WordPress pages…

… so it gets noticed above your regular content.

So, you start searching for the right tools to get the job done.

Problem is, you can’t find anything that looks right…

… or that can be customized, without spending a fortune.

And you don’t wanna spend tons of money on all these different plugins

and scripts to collect emails, run surveys, promote offers, etc.

Sure, you could mash together a bunch of buggy plugins that need a

coding degree and deep understanding of WordPress to configure and


… or you could just use XuPoP instead:

XuPoP is the #1 tool for getting a response from your website visitors

quickly, and effectively, using gorgeous pop ups and overlays.

And even the experts can’t deny the power of a good pop up…

Michael Stelzner, founder of one of the top social media blogs, attributes

70% of their email subscriptions to their popup form.

Visual Web Optimizer, a leading A/B testing tool, saw a 50% increase in

signups for their platform when they switched from just having a call to

action button on their homepage to having a popup free trial offer.

And more…

“Between late January and early May of 2011 the popup on my site was

temporarily disabled. I found that my signup rate doubled with the popup enabled and there was no noticeable change in bounce rates.”

– Dan Zarella, danzarrella.com

“Pop-ups are probably one of the best ways to increase your email

subscribers. And fast.”

– Mauro D Andrea, Unbounce.com

Isn’t it time you deployed a decent pop up on YOUR website

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