“Wagon Wheel” on Scene’s Dome Dance duds

Joseph Han/NDSMCObserver

Look, if your idea of romance is calling somebody “mama” and asking to be rocked, that’s your business. Don’t do it in public, and especially don’t do it with a dreary tune based on a chord progression so unoriginal that pointing it out has become its own cliché. Which version of “Wagon Wheel” do I hate? I don’t know. I can conceive of no universe in which a performer can redeem this composition’s inherent mediocrity. Of course, that hasn’t kept this song out of constant rotation in DJ playlists for the past four years. No Notre Dame evening would be complete without a gaggle of tax shelter Connecticut residents indulging their inner cowboy. At least “Hoedown Throwdown” has a beat you can dance to.

Originally published on NDSMCObserver.

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