Journal Entry From a Young Entrepreneur: Don’t let your ego get the best of you.

BOOM! Two days in a row! This is actually a big deal for me. Currently I am sitting on the floor of my girlfriend’s bedroom, and she is not here. So I’ll take this time to talk to the strangers of the internet.

My girlfriend goes to school in San Diego State University. When I was applying to colleges, SDSU was my top choice — well top realistic choice. My dream school was UCLA, and let’s just say that didnt happen. No big deal. Do I think I should have gotten into SDSU? Yes. Did I bitch about it when I didnt get in? No, because complaining about it wouldnt have gotten me in.

Now that I spend a lot of time down here, I find myself feeling bad about myself. I can picture how my life would have been different if I got in. I think about how I should have gotten in, but then I remind myself to not let my ego get in the way of progression. The longer you wallow in your failures, the longer you hold on to the “should have”, the longer success takes.

Ego can be crippling. Sure I think ego can be a good thing. It keeps us in line. Keeps us humble, but too much ego feeds into your entitlement. You are entitled to nothing. NOTHING! Maybe I wasnt smart enough to get into SDSU, but my ego tells me I was. See what I mean? Whenever I start to feel bad about myself, I clench my jaw, and focus on the overall goal. I use it as fuel to prove every one who doubted me wrong.

Cheers, Jack