The rise of Mitch Trubisky — unknown to projected top 10 pick.

As a die-hard University Of North Carolina Sports fan. Football has never been the greatest time of the sporting calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself a little bit of North Carolina football, but our success on the hardwood captivates me much more than the Gridiron.

Last season was different though. Marquise Williams at QB lead the Tarheels to the ACC Championship game, a huge accomplishment for the School. Along with crushing Duke and breaking many school records, last season was fun. Unfortunately a tight (maybe unfair) loss to Clemson and then getting crushed by Baylors’ run in the “Russell Athletic Bowl Game” brought me back to my senses.

A new season came around quickly and we needed a new Qb. In comes Mitch. I’d only seen small flashes from Mitch in the past as he was a backup to Williams for quite a while, but I liked the guy. I watched the spring game and was impressed by him, I knew he had the potential to do some special things for us.

After a great year of Heels football I was expecting to go a step further with Mitch behind Center.

Yet again, my senses were to be returned. A shocking start to the season against UGA had me wondering what the hell I was thinking. But I didn’t give up on Trubisky, I knew that was to be a one-off poor game.

I was right.

The next 4 games saw Mitch Trubisky “light up.” Mitch lead the Tarheels to wins over Illinois, James Madison and two amazing wins against Pittsburgh and FSU. The Pittsburgh game being decided by a last second touchdown pass from Mitch and the FSU game being won in the last second by Mitch and the offense gaining enough field position to make it possible for kicker, Nick “the kick” Weiler, to make the Field Goal attempt.

Over those 4 games Mitch Trubisky had a combined 1555 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, ZERO interceptions at a completion rate of 81.55% . Along with 70 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.

Zero interceptions all season, very impressive passing stats and a proven above average running game put Trubisky in to Heisman talks. The Country was paying attention to the once unknown backup and I was loving it.

Unfortunately the next game against Virginia Tech ended the Heisman talks as quick as they had begun. Mitch was awful in the wet weather and it hurt his stats in a big way.

But Mitch bounced back hard and the rest of the season saw him continue to put up impressive numbers. Even in bitterly disappointing losses against rivals, Duke and North Carolina State, Mitch still scored 3 touchdowns in both games.

With only one game left for the North Carolina Tarheels, the jury is still out on whether Mitch returns for a year or goes straight to the Draft. It is expected he’ll depart.

If he chooses to depart many a team requires a Qb. The Browns, Bears and 49ers have all expressed interest and Mitch could make each side instantly improve.

For a team that doesn’t generate many good results year in year out, these past 2 seasons, especially Mitch, have given the loyal Tarheels fans some hope for the future. Mitch made the offense exciting to watch and put the Heels on the map. Many a Qb left stranded and seeking opportunity will join the Tarheels in the future after seeing Trubiskys’ success. The earliest example being Malik Zaire who is a hot favourite to join the Heels next season.

Mitch went from an unknown backup Qb to arguably the best Qb prospect in the country. As a devoted fan it makes me excited thinking about what this guy could do in the League. I wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours and here’s to hoping this is start of a great QB legacy at Chapel Hill.

“Once a Tarheel, always a Tarheel.”

-Jack Roberts.