Belgian waffles are really just better waffles…

At least, that’s the conclusion that I’ve come upon.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ain’t that a cliché. But for me, it really is. I think that because I’m pretty tall person whose quite lean in stature, I have a fairly fast metabolism. So, when I sleep for the night and go anywhere from 6 to 10 hours without eating, I’m going to wake up real hungry.

Waffles have always been nice because they don’t take a ton of effort to make up and they’re really just sugary treats to start off your day.

Back in high school, I used to eat Eggo waffles somewhat regularly. They were decent, but very similar to the Belgian waffles that I’ve been eating here at my dorm at college. The main difference for me is that the Belgian waffles here are a little bigger and probably made with better ingredients.

Turns out, according to Wikipedia at least, those are the only differences! Their larger size, bigger squares, and deeper pockets are what give them the upper hand on typical American waffles.

But, bigger is better, so Belgian waffles are certainly better in that regard. Plus, traditionally, Belgian waffles are served with toppings such as fruit, chocolate sauce, and I’ve even had one with some veggies and sausage tossed on top before.

This is a fairly simple post — and it should be — because this a simple argument. Belgian waffles are better because they’re bigger and made a better, lighter batter than regular old American pancakes.

Aside from that, they’re really very similar.

Case closed.

And don’t even get me started on Swedish Pancakes.

The Rating: 63/100

Pro: So you’re telling me I can get more waffle made of better ingredients if I go to Belgium?? Well, not exactly. But that’s the idea.

Con: It’s still a waffle…

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