Breaks are a nice way to take a load off.

My class schedule is pretty weird this quarter…

I have to be out bed and into a classroom by 9:30 each day but I don’t finish my classes until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. For a college student, that’s a pretty odd schedule… And I’m only taking three classes!

Below, is a screenshot of my classes this quarter. As you can see by the fairly large blank space in the middle part of my schedule, I have a good amount of free time between classes to do what I want. Notice how the gap is right at the perfect time for lunch…

My class schedule for this spring quarter.

My first class, which starts at 9:30 everyday but Thursday, is usually less than an hour long. After that, I don’t have a class until the afternoon. So, I end up having at least an hour to mess around, relax, or do whatever else I feel like doing. And it’s awesome.

Tuesdays are my only “busy” days but I still have over an hour of free time in the middle day. I can use that valuable time to write a post for the day, do some homework, catch up on some reading, or take a nap. While I can use that time in the middle of the day for practically anything, I’m always sure to grab a bite to eat during that time. A guy’s gotta eat, right?!

In order for people to do their best work, they shouldn’t feel like they’re being forced to do the work. When I was in high school, I often felt trapped inside the confines of the white walls and unless I did a certain amount of work, I wasn’t able to leave. A person will do better work if they are able to go about it when they’re motivated on their own and have their own desire to do well.

That’s why Google, for example, allows their employees to mess around in a room filled with video game consoles and even have lofts in office for them to sleep. They understand that their workers will produce the best quality of work when they are able to work in a relaxing environment like that.

With all my extra time in the day, I’ve found myself being more engaged in my schoolwork, enjoying writing my posts a little more, and I’m definitely not as hungry as often anymore.

The Rating: 74/100

Pro: It’s nice waking up a bit earlier and then having so much time during the day to gather myself and do all my business.

Con: It’s somewhat annoying knowing that I’ve just finished a class and still have a couple more hours of class later. I just want to be done after the first one!

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