If you’re a sports team beat writer, you’ll know the feeling of victory.

At least, you’ll know the feeling when your team wins something…

The writer never really wins anything…

But, this weekend, the sport beat that I have — which is covering the University of Washington crew teams — did something unprecedented.

They won their fifth straight IRA (Intercollegiate Rowing Association) National Championship. Considering that I’ve been quite invested in this team for over six months now, following them around and conducting interviews to find out all the interesting stories that are going on inside Conibear Shellhouse, I became elated when I learned the results of their races today.

I’ll only leave you with a link to the article that I’ll write as coverage of the UW rowing teams.

Here it is:


I apologize if this post is unsatisfactory for today.

I’m just so weighed down with other writing duties and various college chores that I felt like this was an adequate substitute for the day.

I hope you enjoy!

And go Huskies!

The Rating: 93/100

Pro: If a certain number of consecutive national titles has never been done before, then achieving that feat must be incredibly impressive.

Con: How many teams are as dedicated to rowing as UW? Not as many as you’d think…

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