Jack’s Rating: Power Lines

My name is Jack Russillo and I’m a college freshman who just moved to the big city (Seattle) from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Every day I rate something on a scale of 1 to 100.

First off, I would like to apologize for my lack of a story yesterday. Of course, on my first full day back home on Orcas Island, there would be a a crazy wind storm and the power would go out.

That is why I was unable to post yesterday. My condolences.

So, it only seems fitting that I rate power lines, the cause of the power outage.

Power lines are some of the most inconveniently placed things that humans have made. They’re along every road just waiting for something to crash into it and they’re up like 50 feet in the air doing the same thing. So what do you think caused the power outage yesterday?

A tree fell on the power line. WHAT A SURPRISE!

While power lines are some of the most useful things that we’ve invented, they’re just such a hastle. I always see workers out fixing them or doing some sort of maintenance on them. They’re just too fragile, I mean, for giant logs sticking out of the ground.

They’re not even eye-appealing.

Simply, power lines should have been designed better. I’m not sure of the reasons why they’re designed the way they are now (I’m not an engineer or construction worker), but it seems to me like they could be a little less prone to accidents.

Maybe that’s just me…

Jack’s Rating: 52/100

Pro: They give us power.

Con: They’re just a bit too unreliable.

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