Jack’s Rating: Public Transportation

My name is Jack Russillo and I’m a college freshman who just moved to the big city (Seattle) from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Every day I rate something on a scale of 1 to 100.

Since moving to the mainland, I’ve discovered something fantastic and incredibly revolutionary: public transportation not on water.

I’ve been utilizing public transportation for as long as I can remember, in the form of ferries. Ferries are what the entire population of the San Juan Islands have to use to get on and off the islands. I used to think that all the ferry rides were nothing but an hour of soul-crushing boredom. Man was I wrong.

As I grew up and matured, I realized how beautiful of a place I lived in. Gliding over the water on a ferry boat is like going on a safari in the African plains. The ferry rides are a time to sit back and enjoy some beautiful nature all around you, maybe even do a little extra reading. Just take a load off.

But public transportation extends its reaches much further than the ferry system of the San Juans. It goes across the state and is centered in the Seattle area, which is where I’ve been using it regularly.

It’s great. It’s easy to get around, and to learn how to get around. I can now get to almost any neighborhood I want without struggling, too much at least.

I came home for the first time in almost three months a couple days ago, and my trip was so hassle-free that I thought it’d be appropriate to pay the proper respect to public transportation in the form of a rating.

As I mentioned earlier, I traveled from Seattle to Orcas. It cost me a total of $8.65. I bused for free to Everett Metro Station with the use of my UPass that I got through my school; then I took another bus (for the enormous price of $2) to get to Skagit Station in Mount Vernon, which is where I picked up a car ride with my friend the rest of the way to Anacortes. I took the final step in my journey by purchasing a walk-on ferry ticket for $6.65.

I guess I cheated a little by getting the ride with my friend, but I traveled about 100 miles for a few dollars. That’s great no matter where you are, especially when you consider the fact that I had a backpack and two other bags. I even had some decent leg room the whole time!

Public transportation does a good job at getting everybody in the state of Washington where they need to go. The workers make the roads safer, drive the buses, and make water transportation possible with the ferries.

They’re not perfect by any means. The ferries take forever (over an hour to get to Orcas from Anacortes), and unless you’re in the last year of the child fare age, a walk-on ticket will cost you over $12. A car alone costs over $40. The lines take FOREVER. I’ve waited for over four hours before and I didn’t even make it on the ferry.

I keep saying that they just need to build a bridge. Just kidding, that’d suck. Too many tourists.

Jack’s Rating: 78/100

Pro: They get us from Point A to Point B quite well.

Con: Why can’t I just go anywhere for free and not wait ever?

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