Jack’s Rating: Stockings

My name is Jack Russillo and I’m a college freshman who just moved to the big city (Seattle) from a small town in the middle of nowhere. Every day I rate something on a scale of 1 to 100.

In honor of the day being Christmas Eve, I felt it appropriate to rate stockings today.

I’m a fan of stockings. Let me address that right away.

You get a bunch of little gifts, whether they be candy, trinkets, other fun little toys, or maybe even some nice soap. You never know what fun stuff will come out of a stocking when you sit down to rifle through it on Christmas morning.

Yeah, sure. Some of the stuff can be crap. You might have a hefty dental bill due to the excess amount of sugar you find, something similar to Halloween, perhaps. But I’m sure there’s a reason for each and every gift inside that over-sized sock, and that’s what makes all of the items so much more meaningful.

Stockings are a special privilege to have. They’re filled with many personal gifts, good or bad, that you should appreciate.

As long as it’s not filled with coal.

Jack’s Rating: 86/100

Pro: It’s like the appetizer of Christmas day.

Con: A solid amount of the things in the stocking will probably be unwanted. Just know that the thought is there.

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