Jack’s Rating: The Interview

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In the past few months, there’s been much excitement and anguish surrounding the release of the movie The Interview.

Due to the content of the movie, which includes funny guys Seth Rogen and James Franco attempting to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, a serious hack of Sony occurred. This included the release of private information of many of Sony’s employees in hopes of stopping the release of the film.

Fortunately for us viewers, the movie is currently being shown around the country anyways. It’s even available to watch online.

Last night, I decided to watch the film.

And, after all the drama, it was better than the average bear, I mean movie. It included the usual hilarious jokes and commentary from Rogen and Franco, many of which were geared toward North Korea or sexual endeavors. Typical jokes nowadays, I must say.

Although the film was quite raunchy, which isn’t a terrible thing, it actually had a good, well-organized plot. The smaller details made sense and tied the whole movie together well.

Also, I actually thought they depicted Kim Jung Un more pleasantly than he really is. So why are you so mad, North Korea?

If you’re a fan of Pineapple Express, or really any other movie with these two actors, I’d highly recommend seeing this film. It’s classic. And after all the hype that it received, wouldn’t you want to watch this movie as well?

Go watch it!

Jack’s Rating: 85/100

Pro: For a movie with a hell of a lead up story, it didn’t disappoint.

Con: This movie just might start World War 3.

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