Playing in spur-of-the-moment, co-ed soccer games is pretty great.

Yesterday, after my first intramural soccer season came to a screeching halt. I was distraught for a few moments, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to play soccer for a month at least.

But, everything became instantly better when one of the teams that would be playing a game directly after us never showed up. That allowed the other team, who had arrived promptly and were already suited up, to be given the win based on forfeiture by absence.

But, what was that team to do? They made the long walk down to the soccer fields, got dressed, and all for nothing? Maybe they still wanted to play a game of soccer.

There seemed to be a conflict of interest here.

So, after a few moments of trying to figure the whole situation out, my recently-defeated, male, intramural team would play with the other intramural team.

Since I didn’t mention it before, the other team was made up completely of girls. That’s a helpful piece of information here, considering that it vastly improved the game.

My intramural soccer team after our first round elimination from playoffs.

My intramural team lost in the first round of playoffs, so we clearly weren’t too great. We had competed hard all season, and sent the first playoff game to penalty kicks, but we still had a lot of work to do. The girls we were about to play with seemed to be pretty skilled too, so we had a nice challenge ahead of us.

But, fortunately for us men, we decided to mix the teams up. I was glad mostly because I was worried that we would get destroyed by the team of girls.

Once the teams were set, the game began.

Both teams actually played fairly well together. Sure, there were a few things that people simply miscommunicated on or just weren’t on the same page for, but the chemistry grew as the game went on. Most of the girls were quite talented, as I had predicted, but our guys were able to hold their own as well.

I would play a game of soccer with Alex Morgan any day… *Sigh*…

Overall, it was a fun, competitive game that was won by the team that I was on. And, since I wanted to establish myself as at least a decent soccer player in front of some real attractive women, I went ahead and decided to score a couple of stylish goals en route to victory.

I had to! That’s practically the point of playing co-ed soccer — to impress the opposite sex!

After both teams shook hands, it was time for us all to go our separate ways. I was sad to see my intramural season end, and those girls leave, but I know that there will be plenty of fun soccer games — with any gender — in my future.

The Rating: 81/100

Pro: I got to play quite a fun game of soccer, meet some fine ladies, and score some sweet goals in front of them.

Con: Playing with girls is a little hard to adjust to, but not impossible by any means. Also, losing my intramural game kinda sucked.

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