Sore throats are just about the worst thing ever.

Well, almost ever.

Mostly, I just despise the feeling of anything when it hurts, just as anyone else does. But I talk a lot. So, I tend to exercise my throat pretty often despite the fact that my throat hurts.

Plus, it’s pretty hard to take a sick day and do nothing just because a simple sore throat.

Having a sore throat is enough to make you have a worse-than-normal day or two, but it’s usually not enough to make it a shitty day. That is, unless you have a case strep throat. Anyone who contracts strep throat has my deepest condolences. If I’m this uncomfortable from a regular, slightly sore throat, then I can only imagine how awful someone must feel with a full-blown case of strep throat.

It’s hard to communicate how much a sore throat sucks.

The worst part about a sore throat is just the fact that it affects nearly everything you do.

Oh, you want to go for a run? I hope you’re ready for a few couphing fits and a worsened case of sore throat afterward.

And you want to go out and sing? Good luck, you’ll sound pretty damn raspy.

Even talking for any extended period of time is enough to dry out your throat and only increase the severity of your sore throat.

All these problems with sore throats can be traced to any number of plausible causes such as allergies, shouting loudly too much, or actually being sick. And then there’s that pesky smoker’s cough that is way more common than people are let on to believe.

Sure, sore throats aren’t exactly a huge epidemic that’s going to destroy the human race as we know it. Of all the symptoms of being sick, there are certainly a few others that much worse. But, it’s a very common thing that, put simply, sucks.

Nobody likes sore throats and there’s no reason that they should.

The Rating: 12/100

Pro: At least there are cough drops out there that work like half the time.

Con: A crucial, often-used part of my body is extremely sore and it’s difficult to help it improve? Well, shit, I’m done for.

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