3 Office Colour Trends for 2017

Most employees spend the majority of their waking hours at their workplace. Hence, it is important to make the environment as amenable as possible to productivity, psychological wellness and comfort. While office design like open plan layouts, ergonomic furniture for workstations and executive conference room furniture work wonders, colours too play an extremely important role in increasing employee satisfaction. In fact, a recent study published by Interaction states that 80% of UK office workers believe colour impacts their mood. Yet 67% of UK office workers described their offices as ‘drab’ (Hayley Blacker, 2016).

Keeping this in mind, here are 3 office colour trends that are sure to help businesses increase employee satisfaction and, in the process, employee productivity:


Burgundy is a luxurious colour that is undeniably, quintessentially “autumn.” From fashion to makeup to shoes to office accessories, burgundy offers a timeless rich hue that pairs well with either black or brown palettes, offering a pop of colour to neutral tones, or a daring streak of red to a minimalist black and white scheme. For example, a conference room designed with brown conference tables and black chairs can be made livelier with a shade of burgundy for the colour on the walls. Moreover, offices can also try burgundy for cushions, ceiling panels or office accessories, like pencil pots and card holders.


Like burgundy, plum is a rich autumnal colour that can go on accent walls and be used in larger furniture pieces, such as couches or room dividers for modular office furniture. It is recommended that plum be used in an office that already has a lot of natural or bright lighting. Otherwise, be wary of using too much of one dark tone as it absorbs light.

Citrus Orange

The ideal colour for the ‘office of tomorrow’: the use of citrus orange in offices is quite recent. This high energy colour stands out most when used on a single focal point, like the reception desk, elevator doors, acoustic wall panels, etc. It draws attention and brightens the room. However, the colour can be seen as a distraction as well, so use it strategically.

As well as these colours, many studies suggest that yellow is an optimistic colour that can help stimulate creativity. Similarly, white can be a good colour to make the space look bigger and inspire optimism (Hayley Blacker, 2016). One company from which organizations can purchase furniture like conference chairs, desk screens and reception furniture in the different colours described above and many more is AJ Products. More information can be found on their website.