How to Create Worker-friendly and Safe Industrial Workshops

Workplace safety and occupational wellbeing is a major concern for businesses. Every year, a large number of workers succumb to injuries and accidents caused due to careless mistakes in work environments. According to information published by Health and Safety Authority, 22% of the workplaces surveyed in Ireland, did not carry out a slip, trip and fall assessment in 2014 (Health and Safety Authority, Importance of Slips, Trips and Falls). Apart from slipping, workers can also get injured due to use of ill-designed or damaged equipment for material handling and lifting. Hence, it is important that companies create a safe and worker-friendly environment for their employees. The following are some of the ideas that businesses can consider:

· Ergonomic Matting: The causes of slips, trips and falls in industrial premises may include manual handling, falling when exiting vehicles, floor cleaning, slipping in corridors and halls or on staircases and wet or greasy surfaces, etc. In 2014, 24% of slip, trip and fall accidents led to the injured person missing over a month of work, suggests Health and Safety Authority, Ireland (Health and Safety Authority, Importance of Slips, Trips and Falls). Thus, employers should take necessary measures to mitigate occupational slip hazards. A variety of anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats are available across the market in varied designs and thicknesses. Installation of this type of ergonomic matting across workshops can considerably reduce injuries and relax workers’ feet from stress caused due to long hours of standing (CCOHS, 2015).

· Ergonomic Equipment: Several equipment companies, nowadays, offer material handling, climbing, lifting and other types of equipment with ergonomic designs. These designs may include grips for handles, anti-slip platforms for safe treading, automatic lifting mechanism, etc. Provision for well-designed equipment in workshops, can reduce the effort and strain from workers and can result in increased efficiency.

· Transportation Trolleys: There are several requirements for transportation, loading and unloading of heavy items in workshops. Businesses can thus purchase transportation trolleys for their workers to conduct these tasks comfortably. Some of the trolleys commonly purchased by companies are platform trolleys, workshop trolleys, folding chair trolleys, etc.

· Material Handling Equipment: Companies should also consider providing suitable material handling equipment like lifting jacks, scissor lift tables and other items for easy handling of items in workshops. This equipment can reduce the manual effort of workers and increase their efficiency considerably.

· Safety Signage: Apart from providing necessary items, it is also important that workers are trained and reminded regularly to follow safety precautions to handle equipment. Installation of safety signage at strategic spots in industrial premises can be a good idea to remind workers about the same. Also, signage can be used to warn workers about wet floors and construction sites.

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