Organizations Should Invest in Folding Furniture for Their Play Areas

Play areas are becoming increasingly common with organizations that offer day care as parents recognize the importance of play time for a child’s development. There are several reasons why folding furniture is ideal for children’s play areas. One of the companies that provide folding furniture in various styles and designs is AJ Products.

Play time helps children improve their visual tracking and motor skills. It also helps develop their social skills (Jon Hamilton, SCIENTISTS SAY CHILD’S PLAY HELPS BUILD A BETTER BRAIN, 2014). As parents are becoming more aware of the importance of play, organizations that offer day care have started adding play areas to their facilities. It is not uncommon to find a children’s play area in malls and large shopping centers.

30% of UK’s furniture manufacturing turnover comes from purchases made by organizations(, ABOUT THE FURNITURE INDUSTRY, 2014).A significant portion of an organization’s set up expenses comes from the purchase of furniture and equipment. This is why organizations must pay attention to the furniture that is purchased for play areas. Presented below are the reasons why organizations should invest infoldable furniture for these spaces.

Easy Handling

Play areas are used for a variety of activities. While some activities will require that the children be seated at tables others might require open floor space. This is why the furniture needs to be easy to move. Folding tables and chairs satisfy this requirement. The furniture can be easily moved around within the room. Another advantage is that the size of a room’s doorway does not need to be taken into account; once folded the furniture can easily pass through even narrow doorways. Foldable furniture takes up significantly less storage space. The furniture can be easily stacked and put away. This will reduce the amount of space that is taken up by the play area.


Play areas have varied requirements. Folding furniture is available in a variety of designs and can meet most of these needs. For simple play activities folding tables that have built-in removable tubs can be used. The tubs can store toys like Lego pieces while the children are using them. If the activities organized involve heavy supplies and equipment, like pottery or paper mache, play areas can invest in a heavy duty folding table.

Role Play

Role play is important for a child’s mental and behavioural development (, THE IMPORTANCE OF PRETEND PLAY, 2013) Play areas can purchase folding furniture in vibrant colours, prints and themes to facilitate role play games and activities.Organizations will also find it easier to buy furniture that matches the colour scheme of the walls. Companies such as AJ Products have folding furniture in a variety of shades. Once the play area has been painted appropriate furniture can be purchased.