Setting Up Office Spaces For New Businesses

Setting up an office for new businesses can be expensive and stressful. Employers could make easier choices by keeping practical aspects such as employee motivation and business brand image in mind when setting up offices.

For many new businesses, one of the biggest initial constraints could be working out of cramped office spaces that are more expensive than they are functional. Many entrepreneurs and start-up owners might decide on working out of a home office. But coordinating and working from home has many disadvantages. Distractions, informal home ambience, space constraints, lack of a professional atmosphere, etc, might have to be the price entrepreneurs pay for a less expensive office set-up (Crone, 2015). Once the right office space is found though, whether rented, co-shared, or bought, employers can begin thinking of all the ways in which the workplace can be set-up to best suit their needs.

There are many considerations that a new business owner should keep in mind when setting up an office. Ensuring the office is designed for employee satisfaction and for projecting a good business image, for example, are two important considerations. The key is in knowing what to cut down on such as extravagant lounge areas or a recreation room, which could be later investments once the company has established itself financially. A good pantry and round the clock coffee or tea, on the other hand, are necessary and valuable investments (Lacey, 2014). The following is an elaboration on the above mentioned factors and others as well:

Employee Satisfaction

How motivated and efficient employees are, especially in the initial stages of a company, are very important factors that should be addressed. Businesses could invest in good quality executive office desks and ergonomic chairs with employee comfort and health in mind. For open and semi-open office spaces, investing in partitions can be a good way to control the available space and cordon off sections when privacy or seclusion is needed for productive work. Ensuring employees have access to snacks and tea or coffee is another worthy investment, even for start-ups. Employees who feel valued and well-taken care of might be more invested in the success of the company.

Business Image

As a new business or start-up, there might not be enough funds to include grand interior décor elements into office spaces. A grand entrance, an expensive lounge-reception, etc, might not be viable options. However, there is still so much that companies can do to ensure their business image is preserved and to make a good impression on clients and visitors. For example, carpeted interiors can have a very classy, professional look.Interior aesthetics is as much design as it is arrangement and a neat and well-organized workspace always looks efficient and reliable.Quality furnishings, even those that are cost-efficient, can be very impressive when arranged and maintained well.

Cost Efficiency

Needless to say, the overall concept behind carefully selecting and setting up offices for a new business is that the company can start functioning efficiently in as quick and as cost-efficient a manner as possible.Making use of a good internal lighting and heating system, for example, is an important consideration. While initially this might cut into funds, in the long run businesses could save on energy costs, avoid repeated repair and maintenance charges, etc. Another budget friendly option for new businesses is to make use of shared office spaces. This could help with reducing rental costs. In particular for those offices with space constraints, employers could consider foldable furniture such as folding tables and chairs, wall-mountable cabinets, etc, which can all help to save space.

There are many other ways in which companies can set-up offices in a cost-efficient manner. For example, selecting office package deals from retailers could help with acquiring entire furniture sets at lower costs. One retailer that offers executive leather office chair and desk combos, and other cost-efficient office furniture, is AJ Products.