The Various Applications for Really Useful Boxes

‘Really useful boxes’ are a brand of storage boxes that are made out of hard wearing plastic. The boxes have a lid and locking clasps. The clasps hold the lid firmly in place and keep contents secure. They are available in various sizes. As the name suggests, these storage boxes can be used in a variety of ways. Mentioned below are a few applications for them:

Toy Chests

One of the ways to store toys in a child’s room is the use of wooden toy chests. However, kids are prone to spilling and spilled water can cause wood to stain, rot and fall apart (911 Remidiation, n.d.). Since really useful boxes are made from plastic, they do not get damaged by spilled liquid and, as such, they can be used as toy chests for children. Smaller boxes can be used to organize toys like Legos by colour or shape. The larger boxes can be used to store stuffed toys or board games. The secure lid will also keep the toys from getting wet or damaged. Additional boxes can be easily purchased when more storage space is required.


Businesses that have a lot of paper work to maintain often use hard binders. Hard binders are also used to maintain book keeping records and other important documents. Organizations can invest in a 48l really useful box to store these binders. Depending on the filing system being followed, binders can be separated into different boxes. The boxes can be stacked with and without the lid. Businesses could choose to stack their records and eliminate the need for shelving.


Schools and day care centers have to maintain a large inventory of supplies for arts, crafts and other activities. An 18 or 35l really useful box can be used to store such supplies. There are advantages to using a secured plastic box. For instance, if one of the bottles of paint gets a leak, the damage will be contained. The plastic can later be easily washed and cleaned.


These boxes are also available in small sizes like 0.07 liters. These small boxes can be used to store stationery supplies like erasers, board pins, staples, pins, etc. They can be placed on the desk as they do not take up a lot of space. The boxes can be easily stacked to create a stationery tower. These small boxes can also be very useful in workshops to keep small parts organized. Such boxes and other really useful products are available on the AJ Products website.