A Few Comments

Dear friend-zoners: dafuq? I’m leaning in. So… you know what, nut jobs? Have you been living… I don’t know… under a rock? That sucking sound! Smackdown! Micromanage this: The bad news is, bad news is, well, the new good news. There is no magic bullet. Keep calm and take the red pill or drink the kool aid. Play the most cringeworthy “bucket list” card. OK, whatever. Butthurt? Meh. Fuckwits. Isgaf. Break it down: Do the math. Drop the F bomb. Get the right metrics. Follow the money. Change the narrative. Who shall we throw under the bus? The go-to person? Unicorns? Not OK. Behind the curve. That’s totally a deal-breaker. A game-changer, one tinfoil hat at a time. Let’s break this down: IDK…FFS, SMH, Sick fucks, pull your heads out of your asses. You are blowing smoke out of your ass. Back in the day, you’d have your ass handed to you. What does that look like? Which part of “Anytime soon!” did you not get? How about a punch in the face? Punch up, fucktards. LOL POS. You disingenuous dipshits. Douchebags. On steroids. FYI, Sock puppets, what’s the takeaway? Shit for brains… ass hats, you couldn’t make this shit up. It’s a no-brainer. You should be pimp-slapped. Grow a pair. Just saying. TMI? Stfu (Facepalm. Faceplant). That awkward moment when I say Make me a sandwich, dumbass. Heavy lifting! Lmao. Soooo batshit crazy. An existential threat! It’s a thing. Who knew? ROFLMAO! Lol. At the end of the day, let’s take it to the next level going forward. Pile on! Good luck with that. A real clusterfuck. Oh, wait… Um, actually — End of story. We’re on the same page. Down the rabbit hole! I’ve got your back. Like a boss! How cool is that? Owned! Kthx. My eyes glaze over. I’m outta here.

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