About Me.

My mission is to cherish, foster, and bloom the orphan-hearted that beauty may be exposed and produced. I seek to serve, that community may be fostered and cultivated to bring people together.

I believe every person has intrinsic and irreplaceable value, and therefore every idea and dream a person has is always worth pursuing. Even if it fails, beauty always comes out of it. Each person yearns to live a full life, nobody wants their dreams to go to the grave with them. I believe design and art are beautiful tools in serving others to recklessly chase the beauty in their ideas.

I love to travel and discover. I’m stoked by experiencing new places and cultures. I treasure the rare moments we have to witness the distinctly unique beauty each culture holds, and the individual story each person in that culture brings to it.

I love avocados.
My mum is Australian.
I have no coordination in my feet.
Some people call me Puffy Neue Jack.
Some other people call me moron.
I love collecting vinyl.
You could say coffee runs through my veins.
This whole description makes me looks like a trashy hipster.
I live and breathe design, let me breathe on you…
(That last line might prevent me from getting hired.)

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