Flattening N-level Nested Arrays in JavaScript

At a recent interview I was asked to write a function to flatten a nested array in JavaScript using the reduce method. I am familiar with reduce and how to use it, but was not so sure how to use it for this problem, taking into account the N-level depth part of the question. There is a language agnostic algorithm for recursively walking an array, but the interviewers were looking specifically for a solution that incorporated JavaScript’s reduce method. Anyway, after I got home I played around with the problem on codepen for a while and looked at some solutions provided by others, and came up with my own implementation. Here is a gist with both a classic “array walk” implementation (which can be implemented in pretty much any language), and one using reduce:

Both methods use recursion to handle the N-level depth problem, but for my tastes the classic solution is a lot more readable. It took me a while, even looking at examples to really understand what is happening with the reduce implementation. This could also be because I haven’t really used reduce or some since I read about them in Eloquent JavaScript. Regardless, it was a nice learning opportunity for me to actually play around with some of the modern array methods.

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