Topic 3— Manovich — Producers of cultural information

As a result of rapid developments in telecommunications, it is now possible for any individual with access to a contemporary digital device and the internet to publish content which can be seen by any member of the global village. The plethora of content published online by millions of active contributers each day is unorganized and extremely difficult to monitor. Not only is monitoring the amount of content published each day met with huge difficulty, but also monitoring the context of said content. As a result of the ubiquity of computers, digital media software as well as consumer electronics the increase in the amount of cultural producers world wide and the information they publish has made it extremely difficult to understand global cultural developments.

A currently prominent issue is how do we monitor the level of cultural influence non-professional, online publishers are having on digital media consumers? It is widely suggested that we should utilize the very technology which is currently being used to facilitate online publishing. But exatly how this can be achieved is not clear.

It will take the development of a specific system which identifies how many consumers are consuming any given piece of culturally influential digital content at any time, and how this effects their online behavior. This task is met with great difficulty and does require a lot of specific research and systematic documentation of online behavioural patterns by content publishers and consumers alike.

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