Jackson Haar — Deakin University Student studying Media & Communications — Currently in 3rd year.

Topic 2 — Contemporary characteristics of our global village and new moralities of media today.

Our current global village reflects the rapid developments in technology and telecommunications which has facilitated global communication. As a result of such revolutionary innovation, all societies which possess adequate communication systems become interconnected. Not all contemporary societies are equipped with the necessary technology and telecommunications devices to enable them to connect and integrate with the global village, however judging by the current rate of technological development and advances it would be fair to assume that before too long those who are not currently part of the global village will be.

Globalization has had many positive effects, such as facilitating trade, education, employment and culture; however the most significant is arguably online, social interconnection. One of the most contemporary characteristics of the current global village is social media. Looking to Facebook and Instagram for example, (two of the most prominently utilized social media platforms), we see how in the last handful of years societies increased dependence on such media outlets.

Culturally, globalization has resulted in influencing an entire generation. Speaking from my own perspective, I can still vividly remember the world before it became technologically interconnected and dependent on telecommunications. The current media landscape is constantly and rapidly changing as a result of technological and telecommunications developments. The last 5 years has seen some rapid developments and it will be interesting to observe the significance of developments in the next 5 years.