What has happended to those Flyers?

Remember the Flyers team that was rolling on a 10 game win streak in December? The diffrence between that team and the team that is playing now is tremendous. We are a little more than half way through the 2016–17 NHL season and the Flyers are sitting at 23–19–6. Not only have the Flyers been losing as of late, they just dont look like a team that wants to win. I will make an exception though for their game in Brooklyn earlier this week against the Islanders. They did show some heart to get the OT win. I’m not here writing about how the flyers are terrible and what not, because that would be false infomation. Although it hasn’t been their best hockey, I believe the Flyers still have a lot of time to make up for their mistakes and take this team to the playoffs. They are only one point outside of the last wild card spot. The OT game winner from Claude Giroux, who went about a month without scoring, could be excatly what the team needs. If Giroux can find the net a bit more often then im not worried at all. Tonight the Flyers play the Rangers, if they can pull off a W and “upset” the boys in blue then all I have to say is watch out.