imovie for mac and iOS. using mac and iOS on your device is not easy to make it in the movies. just browsing the clips,then adding music effects and titles. i movies shows the quality films even supporting with the high resolution of stunning 4k videos. when you are ready to release your movie on all your devices, once imovie theater rolls out of the red carpet.

imovie has some features are keyword shortcuts for moving to next frame and jumping forward, moving to a previous frame and marking the end points of the clip when editing. sharing movies on the theater, Facebook, you tube is ready to play under any platform.

in imovie sound effect is also very easy for highlighting the clip or select the clip and hit it off on the auto button from the tool bar. green screen control is accessible from the video overlay tools and it is the mandatory clip overlaps on the timeline. imovie for windows

Trimmer is a critical feature but it is easy to edit or trim the clips, then the movie length is very high so trim is used to edit the clip. And people detection is used to detect the persons or characters in a movie. it is not designed the finding the specific persons and identities. it is only detects persons distance from the camera

imovie adding the dozens of beautiful animated titles and credits to your movies.

imovie uses high fidelity filters. it gives the film a monochrome style and looks like cool blue.

imovie for iOS and macOS are designed to work together. start the project on iPhone and iPad. then it take advantage of additional features on mac to add finishing touches like colour correction, green screen effects and animated maps. once completing the movie trailer release in imovie theater it shows good quality and high resolution.

2x speed up in imovie for ios is available on iPad, iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and other latest versions.

imovie for iOS is available on the app store. downloading apps requires an apple id. imovie for mac requires OS X EI capitan, and 2GB ram required and graphic card and a display with high of 1280X800 resolution.

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