Originally published on November 14, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she beings with some wild expectations- Ralph Charrell

In our 8 blog journey, we’ve talked about how the Trusted Advisor in any situation (Realtor, lawyer, lender, financial advisor) holds the keys to the most important asset in business: Their client’s trust. When the client needs a recommendation, especially in trying or urgent situations, the likelihood of a client taking the Trusted Advisor’s first recommendation is very, very, high. …

Originally published on November 13, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a row boat and bringing tartar sauce with you- Zig Ziglar

Imagine working with a top 5 producer in an industry complementary to yours. The arborist who’s “the fallen tree person” for an top 10 insurance agent, the “carpet person” for a top 5 realtor, or the title person for the best mortgage lender around. How would that relationship change your professional and financial life?

Now, let’s pop the imagination bubble, as those vendors have likely been serving their Trusted Advisors…

Originally published on November 13, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Go West young man- Horace Greely

In the 1800’s, everyone was talking about the West. The uncharted, unknown land of opportunity. That’s where “Beyond expected” value added service needs to come from. The service in addition to your industry expectations.

Although there may not be a template for this, the core needs to be passion. If you love comics, maybe you organize an outing to each new superhero movie that comes out. If you’re a craft beer connoisseur, set up brewery tours within 30 miles of your business.

Originally published on November 4, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Talk is Cheap- Gridley Herald

People like knowing what to expect. When my family and I go to Sunday service, we know there will be some singing, some readings, a short lesson, more singing, and we’ll be on our way in 1.25 hours or less. It’s the same each week. My kids know what behavior is expected of them, and we all know there’s coffee and juice waiting for us afterward. If the service goes 25 minutes over, everyone notices the breach of expectations. …

Originally published on October 16, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Understand what your competition does, and do it slightly better

Most realtors feel, “Insurance just doesn’t affect me that much.” They tell the client to work with the person who does their auto and move on the next step of closing. After hearing this dozens of times, even from top 5% of Trusted Advisors, I decided to “frame” for them the fantastic opportunity to build a team that supports their business.

It all starts with the basic expectations. I challenged that since Trusted Advisors are running point for…

Originally published on October 1, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Delivering only the basics leaves average our greatest potential outcome

With the intention of looking at this opportunity from the same paradigm, let’s set a precedent that “beyond expected” service isn’t providing your service in an agreeable, professional, or effective manner. That is the expectation of your business.

Promising a Trusted Advisor you’ll “Help the process go smoothly” or “Make it easy” for their clients is similar to a restaurant bragging that they serve hot food. That statement provides zero additional value or intrigue. Someone is already delivering…

Originally published on September 23, 2019

Serving our community’s TOP TRUSTED ADVISORS

Ignorance is the choice to avoid the unknown. Problem solving is the choice to avoid being ignorant.

At inception, Elevated Insurance was a “scratch agency”. When it started, there was no staff in place, no processes to follow, and the largest challenge, no clients of which to garner income. As life has taught me repeatedly, when you don’t know what to do, just do something.

After reading literally dozens of biographies, business books, self growth material, after meeting with dozens of insurance agents as a salesperson, I felt…

Originally published on September 9, 2019

#1: What the “Trusted Advisor” is missing

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance — Confucius

If you are in a role where clients trust you… I mean really trust you… you have vendors wanting to capitalize on the trust you’ve earned.

Examples of people in high trust roles would be an attorney, a financial planner, a lawyer, a realtor, or a mortgage lender. Clients usually begin a relationship with their Trusted Advisor through a referral, and that Trusted Advisor becomes a major influencer during trying, stressful times. (Divorce, death, or…

Originally published on August 29, 2018

Sreeeeech….. SMASH! Your plans for the evening just got re-written. Your heart is pounding, head is “swimming”, and you’ll need to make decisions in the next few minutes that will cost your thousands of dollars if you act incorrectly. Let’s look at the post-crash protocol:

1) Remove your vehicle from the path of traffic, and any other danger

2) Check to ensure your passengers are safe, then check the other vehicle. If anyone is hurt, call the emergency responders immediately

3) Police. Do I have to call the police? Almost always yes. They help…

Originally published on August 14, 2018

Do you have that person in your life that is always doing a walk/run for a cause? How about that team member who gets most fired up about a blood or peanut butter drive and is always working to get others involved? Why do they choose to volunteer their time, or participate in events that support the community?

From my experience, it’s because it feels good, provides great memories, and is a risk-free way to extend one’s comfort zone. There are a few local organizations that make it very easy to “create good” while…

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