It’s been really hard for me to write this essay I’ve struggled because I haven’t really been able to focus I’ve been looking at other sources to try and make sure I understand what I’m reading.

I went to my hour and thirty minute class where we discussed study habits, grade information, time machine statements, and Egyptian Kings (Egypt happens to also be one of my favorite places to study). We discussed what an Egyptian King is and what makes them Egyptian. My colleagues stated that their views on power, reign in Egypt, and leadership qualities deemed them as Egyptian Kings. Personally I think the only thing that separates Egyptian Kings is that they reside in Egypt. I find the same question, “what makes a God a God” very interesting especially with Greek religion. Many of the Greek Gods succumb to fleshly desires and human emotions, but are omnipotent. We also talked about trickster figures like King Amasis and Remcenitus. We also discussed the strong man complex and freer society. Later on, that evening, I did not do any Greek Literature work. Instead, I went to the Migos concert in West Baltimore. I put on a mediocre outfit and did some basic makeup, just to get out of the house. I traveled 35 minutes to some foreign part of Baltimore (yes, I live in Baltimore, but West Baltimore has their own nomoi-they’re a different kind of breed). Even, at the concert I found myself analyzing the people that were around me and the extent to which some women were willing to go to to be noticed. Especially when I looked pretty darn basic, and just came to have a good time. It was interesting to see how these three men in this rap group could objectify, demean, and disrespect women and women still screamed their names because they were, “handsome and wealthy.” It made me think about all of the Kings we discussed and how their money and stature enabled them to do as they pleased. It made me realize how all nations and people understand one thing for sure-money gets you things.

In the past the world was very male dominated and oriented, and to my dismay it still is this way. After the concert I was ready to make my trek to the safe and familiar part of town when an individual approached me. I would consider him the trickster character only because he invited me and my friends to go hang out with Migos after the concert. When we got there we sat in a room and just talked it wasn’t until one of the rappers needed something and they came in the room. When they came in, they brought out bundles and stacks of money (no doubt the most money I’ve ever seen in my life). As I watched this, I sat and wondered what was the purpose of inviting us (all of these females) there, when they acted like we didn’t exist.Why would you ever take out bundles of money around strangers like this? Then it hit me, I’m Nitetis; I’m supposed to be here and just bask in the presence of a “YRN,” or Cambyses. I’m supposed to be here to only speak on what they want me to speak on. That Migos gets “money and women” (they are staying true and authentic to their brand). The whole ordeal just made me realize that women are necessary in the quest for power. In modern times and in the past. They help to encourage the strong man complex. They help to continue lineages (concubines of Cambyses) they help maintain kingdoms or even provide words of advice (Oebares). Women are some of the most essential aspects of Greek Literature.

Over the weekend I listened to Herodotus Book 3 on YouTube; that took about 3 and half hours. I know it was that long because I also tried to straighten my hair (sigh, the struggle of black women’s hair).I read this past weekend while I listen to YouTube (it helps me retain the information a bit better). Tuesday I had class and we discussed making our own music, I thought that was cool because I go around singing Disney tunes all around my house. We even have a house rule that if you’re sad or in a bad mood you must sing “Favorite Things” from A Sound of Music as loud as you can. That way everyone can join you and because you all feel ridiculous you can all laugh-it’s quite cathartic. I appreciated going over music and stress relief in class because quite honestly I’m always stressed (symptoms of PTSD, but music’s a great way to cope). We also discussed the invasion of Egypt for another hour and a half. I have been feeling overwhelmed so I took off from work to play catch up with school. I spent from 2:30 p.m to 5:55 p.m listening and reading along to Book 3. I also spent from 8:30 p.m to 10:10 p.m writing this essay. Also, it is really hard to keep up with Slack if you’re not constantly using it or getting updates.

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