Why NaNoWriMo Is Not For Me.
Josh Spilker

Great article, agree with the sentiment!

Cramming words is not good although I managed to write 60,000 between September and the end of October (don’t really know how but it happened). I’m now on a break because November, darkness, life.

I think NaNo works for some people but not others. I’m not sure that I could be disciplined enough to hit that target because I like time to consider and plot.

Plus, NaNo doesn’t account for the hours spent editing. You might have something good at the end but it might take another few months to put it right.

I am not going to say that the yearly movement is a bad idea but it won’t work for me. I simply don’t have the time to put down that many words. Some days I could write 5,000 words, others a sentence before I go to bed. In the end the story is more important than how quickly you arrive at assembling it.

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