Jackson, I’ve mixed feelings about your comment.
Vico Biscotti

Hi Vico,

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and in such depth too.

Firstly, I’m glad you have mixed feelings about my response.

That was my aim. And no, I wasn’t trolling.

I would actually say that Medium is one of the nicer places to comment. This is a place I enjoy to comment. On some rare occasions some of my comments, especially on political pieces have been less than complimentary to the author’s mindset. I do feel that Medium has allowed this more open point of conversation. More so than I’ve experienced in a more personal, self-hosted form of blogging.

There are some places I have been to where the comments can turn very quickly, where ‘flame wars’ develop (that might be quite an old term now), and where people really bind themselves tightly into their armadillo shell if they don’t like what they are reading.

I am glad you disagree with me because I would hate to continue in a place where everybody thinks the same. Vivre la différence!

I was only joking about the well dressed chimp line, but… There are some people I feel epitomise the suit wearing monkey name tag. The cult of personality, narcissism and over share. I don’t see that in your work so please don’t feel that I inferred that you are a chimp. It is only that by having 94 claps you have passed the bar of a standard medium nobody, and could be in the territory whereby you could be on the road to change. I’ve seen people change, buoyed by their success. I’m not altogether sure I like those personalities as much as when they were more on my level. It’s a degree of separation. It might also be because I am British, and we have a weird sensibility to those who do better than us. We don’t congratulate and throw awe at that person, we despise them, throw dung at them. It’s difficult for me sometimes to put a thumbs up to a comment from an American or Canadian for example. I’m never really sure if they are sincere or not. At least when I’m getting slated, I know I’ve really done badly and need to change. When I get applause, do I really trust that?

I do still stand by my idiot board comment, in that I feel that silo mentality is encouraged at times. I’m not sure that is a great thing and I don’t attune to “Pavlovian” conditioning. I find that social media as a whole, tries to control through positive reinforcement. Living in the real world, we have to think a bit more Newtonian, equal and opposite reaction. Facebook has allowed a little bit of Newtonian thought with the ‘angry face like’ but it is still counter intuitive. To put any ‘like’ against something you hate actually registers it as a like, would anyone truly be happy with such a dichotomy? Your only other option is to “report” and often times nobody wants to be a Narc. In Reddit you have upvotes and downvotes but these can be gamed. In Medium you only have claps - I joked with another writer that there should be something like a ‘slow clap’ or an ‘eye roll’.

Canned laughter is more what I was searching for in my response originally but the words escaped me at the time. My brain is not as warmed up in the morning.

I am a Cynical Brit. I believe there is question in everything and that not everything is presented as transparently as it appears. Every writer brings their own bias and nuance to every piece, often times the comments are the only point at which you get to question that way of thought. You may think to yourself after you’ve read an article; “does this person actually believe this or are they just asking this conversationally?”. If the former is true the head shake would be your outcome, you might be slightly angry that this individual is so naive. If the latter is true, you might then be led to think, what is your game, what benefit is there to stirring the pot like this, who are you trying to trigger, why bring this up again?

I shall stand down from my soap box but also smile in the fact that you let me vent from my overheating brain.

Onwards and upwards Vico!

Best wishes to you and your loyal band of readers!! (Sincerity 100%)

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