Mike Van Horn

I kind of like the clap philosophy more than I like hearts. That said, I dislike the fact that you can’t slow hand clap an article you really hate. Here’s hoping Medium add Boos or Hisses to balance the scale.

I provided you 7 claps for this article for no specific reason.

I provided your comment writers;

  • Vico Biscotti, enough claps to take his tally to 13.
  • Karen Booth, enough claps to take her tally to 13.
  • Laurie Fellezs 4 claps to mirror her musing about 4 claps.

And yes, I prefer comments more than claps. I think most people do because it shows that they actually read the article rather than pressing the clap button by accident. A clap in any order tells you nothing, a comment can tell you everything.

I have only issued one 10 clap to one article so far.

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