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I was dragged to this by my girlfriend. If she had dragged me to something else I believe I would have left the cinema much happier. Some of this movie was great but a lot of this movie was fumbled. I felt that Emma Watson was a bit too light for this role, and despite me being English, I would have gladly swapped her for somebody with more gravitas. There was no way she could top Paige O’Hara’s voice.

I didn’t find the beast in the least scary when compared to the original cartoon. He was a bit of a pussycat in this one. Gaston and Lefou were the more enjoyable of the characters. Some of the musical numbers were duff in comparison to the original, especially “be our guest”. Overall the film tracked every footstep of the cartoon so essentially a live action remake (with a fair amount of CG thrown in). I felt they could have mixed it up a little.

Overall I felt Disney made a good movie but it could have been so much better. It didn’t feel quite as though they had put as much effort into this as they had for the original, it wasn’t the depth that I’d hoped for. Maybe I’m asking too much, I don’t know.

Disney worked their magic though because I felt this great emotion at the end. They are good at pulling the heart strings.

My biggest dislike was Lumiere. I personally preferred the late Jerry Orbach’s (RIP) version as he had more charm in his voice with the French accent than Ewan McGregor. God forbid that in future they actually cast a French man to do an authentic accent.

When you’ve touched perfection, perhaps you should not try to rehash it. In other words the 1991 version will always be my favourite, and anything else will always be less.

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