Just Deal With What’s In Front of You and Forget About the Bullshit

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If only one could wake-up each morning and just become encompassed in whatever is presenting itself each now moment from opening the eyes until closing them to return to sleep.

Ya get outta the bed, take care of your morning body requirements, food, children if you gottem…what eva.

Not as in a routine — though there would be an element of routine — but taking whatever comes as it comes: soap in the eye in the shower, kid drops breakfast on clean school clothes, dog crapped in the living room, you know, what eva!

If you’re in school or working your think-happy brain may be engaging your attention in related things which are awaiting your arrival at whichever your case is.

Notice that:

are awaiting your arrival.

See, you’re not at work yet nor in your class yet, but that 3 pounds of jelly between your ears is trying to cerebral-virtually place you there already.

No, you’re still at home dealing with getting the kid in a new shirt and pants, finding her or him a granola bar as substitute for the toast and jelly dumped on the clothes, as well as picking up the dog shit in the living room.

As well, you’re not fully dressed yet, haven’t brushed your teeth, and just realized that the extra beers last night are beginning to release their delayed effects on your internal systems.

THAT’LL pull you into the present!

You’ve got the news playing in the background on the living room TV and just heard about another Trump bumble and all of a sudden all kinds of Trump-related bs elbows itself into the work or school or personal thought-storm raging inside your mind.

And you haven’t even left the house yet!

Now one can easily be swept into the perception that all of the work, school, Donald J. Trump and personal thoughts are a part of the present and equally deserve attention and resolution as do the very real soiled clothes and dog shit.

That is incorrect, wrong thinking, and one of the biggest spoilers of peace and happiness in the human organism.

You see, dear readers, it’s for us to master the mind but it’s highly skilled at mastering us.

That’s our big fail.

It may make you feel better to understand that it’s not all our fault that a huge bunch of us are subservient to the jelly monster in our heads.

We are indoctrinated — at least in Western society — from the beginning of about the first tooth popping through our gums that we need to check our minds and let our minds check us daily and all through the day!

Our attention is constantly directed towards that mass of 100 billion nerves and we are usually ordered to program it according to directions from elders, schools, religions and government.

Our own choices are not important, only that we obey and subjugate ourselves.

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There comes a point — sooner for some, later for others— where one gets tired of the non-stop mental circus playing out in her or his head and shifts attention to what can be done about it.

Then there are some — oft called free spirits — who don’t give a fuck and haven’t since birth.

These folks can have childhoods of pure hell for their “rebellious” ways, that is, not succumbing to the wishes of the elders, education systems, religions and governments.

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Bless ’em!

So what about us who are caught up in the bullshit, do give a fuck(in a way) and deal with so much more at any given moment than just what’s in front of us?

Know what, it’s our mind.

We really do rule it and not the other way around no matter how much it seems to work that way.

My own experience has revealed a period of time of functioning as the neurotic, self-absorbed endless mind-carnival of non-stop lights and noise until I reach a point of…

Goddamn Mother Fucking Shit Brain Shut The Fuck Up!

And I regain my natural-as-born-innately-free self.

For a few minutes, maybe.

See, I firmly believe — no, I know — that we are each born as free and independent existences.

But there are elements, mentioned in this story, which cannot — for some reason — tolerate free and independent existences to function in society as they are.

THERE, my friends, is the reason for all of the rules and thou-shalt-nots and be-a-good-citizen-crap that we are inoculated with starting before we are diaper trained.

Final words here in this diatribe:

I hope that I have informed you that there is a free spirit residing within you which is part and parcel of your very existence. It’s not something that you can divorce yourself from. It’s the freedom that the country I live in and so many more were founded upon. It’s the single element within the homo sapien that drives prisoners of war to want to risk all to escape, that drives modern day refugees to board leaky boats to float or sail or motor to flee dictators and oppressive, murderous regimes and their soldiers. It’s the simpleness of any solution to your present condition of living everywhere but right where you are. You can feel it — you have felt the frustration of your present life circumstances and wanted to just chuck it all. It’s there. Reconnect and make your escape plan.

~ Jackson ~