The Herding of You, Me and Cattle

What am I wanting to say?


What the emotion roiling within my bosom forcing me to take to this keyboard and translate its urgings into words?

It’s bound to be about unbinding — the loosing of ourselves from the wrappings of culture, society, institutions and organizations.

Yet what rises up is notice of those forces which in no way support one’s freeing of oneself from encumbrances designed and implemented by those control factors.

First awakening: one is not born instituted nor organized.

One may emerge within the borders of a state or other division, but not as a servant of anything/anyone.

Though the education system he or she will eventually enter is calibrated to show new beings that they are in fact servants of the system that casts it shadow over all of the land whereby the newling exists.

Just as livestock — born with no notions and thereby inherently free — must be herded and controlled or they’ll simply run “amok” and travel and graze along as they please.

No cow nor citizen shall ever be allowed such expression of personal independence.

(Picture in your mind the literal fences and property lines that cover all of the land and bar both human and animal from unrestricted movement)

We Americans(that’s the position I write from) — unless you are an Alaskan “bush resident” — live by rules, laws, ordinances and boundaries.

Being “good” citizens, we know them all by heart and abide by them.

Such maintains peace in the village.

Those in control like “peace in the village”.

They like it very much.

They become quite agitated when that peace is disrupted.

But sure as the sun coming up, there will be scoundrels and tyrannists who test the rules: who break the law.

They may be from “other parts” or locals.

No matter, their actions will not be allowed to stand.

Those under direct employment of the local government will move swiftly to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

Or, if the violations are large enough to rattle the establishment(s) at higher levels, the criminals will be handed off to the next level.

Charges will carry more weight and it will all be well publicized so that every member of the citizenry is reminded of what awaits any who engage in such tomfoolery.

The laws of the land have been crafted and implemented so as to secure and maintain the control structure machinations of each layer of government.

Have you ever considered that the weight of law gets heavier and heavier as it moves up from local ordinances to federal statutes?

This is no accident in the control structure of my country, at least.

The security and stability of the Federal State is paramount.

It befalls the 50 sub-states plus territories to maintain order and control so that Papa Government has less to worry about.

Those same sub-states and territories rely on local entities to control their peoples.

That’s why — if you turn a sharp eye towards it — one will notice the friendships of, say, Governors with the Feds, and Mayors with the Governors.

They all sleep in a common bed.

There ya have it:

the cattle that exist for our use must be kept herded and in order.

The people that exist for government use, too, must be kept herded and ordered.

~ Jackson