I love Bruce Lee as much as many males around the world(who are familiar with him). He was living and filming and an icon as I navigated my teen years.

He simply was able to transmit his presence through screen and words in such a way as to raise the vibration of one’s energy field.

This quote — attributed to Mr. Lee — I would like to comment on as to each of our free and natural existences.

I’d replace the last line, “add what is uniquely your own”, with, “realize what is uniquely your own.”

Just realize your beingness and all of its ingredients as innately “your own”(YOU), since the first time you opened your eyes.

To add is to take something from one or more sources and add to a base. Yet, as you arrived and exist, you are already a complete and total base. If not, I vouch there’d be no YOU to recognize nor supplement.

The first two lines are apropos enough as regards our journey within the framework of “modern society”. Sure, take from your surroundings what may ease your existence within that context, but only as a convenience, never as an adopted element of who/what you are.

Certainly discard anything useless, and most of us are loaded with those.

What is useless? Anything at all that causes any pangs of discomfort — of any part or parcel of our primal contentment — which move us offcenter of our free and natural existence.

~ Jackson

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