Or how life is what happens when you’re making other plans

I set myself a writing challenge about a month ago.

90 days of writing every day.

I failed once, and I wrote about that.

Then I gave up entirely.

Plenty of excuses I could use.

I went on holiday.

I got a dog.

The football season started.

Truth is, I’m just not committed enough.

Despite knowing full-well this is what I have to do (write, that is. When I don’t I’m unhappy) — I still don’t do it.

So let’s try something different. Today is September 1st.

By September 30th, I’ll have written 30 things.

I can write all 30 of those things today if I want.

I can write one today and none for the rest of the month, and then cram 29 things in on the last day.

But whatever happens, 3o things.

There will be two places I’ll be writing: here on Medium and on my Political-themed blog (Politicalists).

I know no-one else will check if I actually keep up with this.

I will.

30 things in 30 days. Surely I can do that?

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