Dubai or Adu Dhabi — which city is better form a holiday break?

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are amongst the best holidays spots in the world. Situated at the middle east part of the world, Dubai and Abu Dhabi has a hint of competition for spending holidays. Both these cities of UAE are famous and are amongst the biggest cities in the world and have different amazing spots for making the holiday trip memorable. Now let’s see what spots does both of these cities have to make the trip awesome.

Dubai- Dubai situated on the calm waters of the gulf is perhaps one the best holiday destination in the world. Dubai is considered to be an business centre and tourist place. From the calm deserts to the busy malls, Dubai offers a great attraction for the visitors. The tallest building of the world “Burj Khalifa”is also situated in Dubai and it also offers a great attraction for many visitors. Dubai also called the “shopping capital of the middle east” draws tourists simply because of its duty free shopping opportunities. Besides this there is an Annual Dubai shopping festival and this is one of the best and finest event in the world. This festival continues for months and offers a Big discounts on gold ornaments, electronic devices and on other shopping items and this festival also offers a duty free shopping. There are more than 500 restaurants that have menus from all over the world. Restaurants offers Arab food as well as continental food and there are several Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, Japanese food also. For the tourists/visitors who love night life can choose the Dubai as Dubai’s night life is one of the best night life’s of the world. Mentioned below are the places to visit in Dubai-
-Burj Khalifa
-Burj al Arab
-Dubai creek
-Palm Islands
-Palm Jumeirah
-The Dubai Mall
-Mall of the Emirates
-Water Park
-Dubai Marina

Abu Dhabi- Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE is a well-ordered, industrious city with a pretty waterside location modern. It is a modern and greener. Abu Dhabi is famous for its shopping malls and mosques. Ferrari world is one of the best attraction sight for the tourists. Abu Dhabi’s heritage village give an idea of typical emirates life. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the best site to visit and visitors remarks this spot to be an awesome place to visit in Abu Dhabi. The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel is the highest point in the cities and offers a skyline view that makes the city looks beautiful. Deserts view, old forts, park zoo’s of Abu Dhabi attracts the tourists more and more. Places you can visit in Abu Dhabi-
-Ferrari world
-Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
-Al hosn Palce
-Emirates park zoo
-yas waterworld
-Yas island
-lulu island
-Liwa Oasis
-Hyatt Capital Gate (leaning tower)
-Boat tours
-Heritage Village

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