Getting familiar with different types of lanyards

Across the street, shops, organizations and different establishments, lanyards provides different functions and serves different purposes, definitely there are different lanyards for different purposes. People purchase the one they need according to different purposes, in different materials and make; the lanyards have different types which duly performs different tasks. Notably, the most popular types of lanyards include;

· Polyester lanyards

· Woven lanyards

· Nylon lanyards

· Tubular

· Dyed lanyards and a few others.

To get different designs and looks, the lanyards can be made to appeal in a certain way suitable for a particular project by using the right material. This is to say that, for a particular design, a very kind of lanyard is used, and for that design, only that same lanyard material can produce the outcome or end product. Varying from colors to letterings and imprinted designs, the lanyards materials are available in different specifications and layout to fit swiftly and cover up for your different needs for a lanyard.

However the option for a particular material type of lanyard depends largely on what the lanyard could b used for, for example; while making a lanyard people in the army, you might want to consider the woven lanyards colored with an army camouflage. A banker would prefer something different and a different color coated on their lanyards, white or black would really work well for them if the design is neatly arranged and help with a stylish rope that would look perfect around the neck. But your kids would want something different for their birthday, they would simply want a phrase or something they love deigned with their favorite color, a memory they would forever cherish.

This will open your mind to the different types and uses for a lanyard, it is not just of a single material, whatever scenario it may be; there would always be a type of lanyard that would fit in and provide the necessary connection needed.

Lanyards commonly used in enterprises like schools and establishments in the past years have recently changed and provide different uses to different people. Among other type of lanyards, the widely used ones are made of nylon, polyester but there are a few others also that stand out and work perfectly fine. They include:


Talk about the oldest types of lanyards and you will have the beaded. These are the traditional lanyards that are used mainly for holding the ID cards. Beaded lanyards are the beautiful and among the first discovered materials of lanyards, they vary in colors and designs but you can’t take away the beauty they possess. Beaded lanyards are mostly won by nurses, teachers, women and people that have a thing in looking cooperate generally. Due to the different types of beads sometimes used in making this type of lanyards, there is a difference in the price of various bead lanyards, some of these beads are made with glasses, crystal, seeds and others.


The woven lanyards are the longest lasting of the lanyards, maybe because of the nature of the breakaway woven flat look, it tends to last and pass the taste of time. Companies and big business turns to this type of lanyards as they wouldn’t have to be spending year in and out to replace bunch of old lanyards. The durability stands it out and it is made to bold make impression at the first glance, schools and organization uses this to regulate and apportion positions and offices to their staffs.

Breakaway and Non Breakaway

These are derived from adjustable plastic materials. Very different from the two above, the Non breakaway lanyards are generally strong and doest stretch out. One may wonder why, but that’s how it is, they are the opposite of the breakaway lanyards as the latter can stretch between limits and bounds.


This is by far the most accepted and widely used type of lanyards by serious businesses. The option to customize and have a lanyard bearing descriptions, contents and logo you want is a what makes it stand out. The custom lanyard is great in promoting one’s brand and business as every design is made according t your instructions. The materials varies and are mostly made form nylon, polyester and flat cotton but the look and design is per how you want it to be. The three materials are used depending on the type of design the lanyard itself would be printed with, but at the end choices and personal preference would always come first.

Everywhere around the internet and the offline market, they are companies like 4inlanyard that specializes in the making of beautiful lanyards of different materials and colors, to get one would require a little bit of research and asking around, but at the end make sure you decide the best type of lanyard for your business.

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