Every branch of the u.s government supports the institution of police which is why the entire system must be removed.
Good cops do not exist
Blake Dont Crack

Rarely do sweeping generalizations of the government carry any weight, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re right about “every” branch of our government supporting the police force. The root of the creation of the police force surrounding slave patrols is partially true, but only primarily in the South. In Northern cities, a police force had existed since the early colonial period, and it had existed as a peacekeeping organization designed as a night watch service for the colonies. During the 1800’s, the police force also evolved out of a pervasive sense of widespread disorder. Cities were growing, a war had recently been fought, industries were rapidly increasing in worth, and the economy had promptly experienced an increase that for this time period was virtually unheard of. The nation needed policing, it needed regulations and enforcement; ergo, an organization was created to complete this action. Now yes, it may have morphed into a fractured, imperfect institution that has been exposed to corruption. But, its foundation was not simply rooted in “slave patrol.” According to your opening subjunctive clause, education, transportation services, the military, healthcare, the SEC, all of those government institutions must be abolished — simply as a result of their support derived from the U.S. government.

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