A Telling

Is this that life that is now upon you and I?All the guilt and shame. All the terrors, all the secret signs, all the insecurities.

Maybe I’ll be found

Dead upon the street below.

And who might cry? Is that truly what brings you to this place? Is that truly what makes you take that walk?

Shame has you on its leash.

And why even write this, if you doubt it’s source? Why don’t you take up your talks of reality with someone greater than you. Why don’t you take these spells you dictate and throw them down that fall you’re about to make.

Only your mind is held captive, only you can be taken out, only allow yourself to be let out.

These chills you feel aren’t just existential. These nights of disillusionment that span to desert days have long been your home.

Listen to the spell that you did not cast to find a new home. Be drawn out and circumvent these pains that you might be reborn.

Be life today and tomorrow and the next.

Follow the sound of his voice, follow and break your leash.

Walk alongside and be taught, walk past those bridges that frighten you.

I’ve seen you be there before, and I remember your joy.

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