An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

It’s pretty lame to demonize and dismiss anyone critical of Hillary as a non self-aware, sexist bro. I mean… there are definitely sexist bros, but why generalize a bunch of woke young political people into such a dumb, ugly picture? I and a lot of my friends (including women) supported Bernie, and would gladly vote for a woman who we feel represents us and our interests.

What’s the identity of the hacker have to do with the HRC/DNC ethical issues revealed in the leaks? The reason people are angry about it is that it makes public the backroom chats about what we always knew: the supposedly impartial nomination process was biased from the outset for the establishment pick. It’s an offense to democracy.

I know you’re a talking head, you’ve got a job to push the public in a certain direction, and I like what I’ve seen of your show… but please at least have good substantive talking points. (God, I miss Jon Stewart.) Pointing out the lesser of two evils doesn’t add anything to the conversation. We all know Trump is worse. We don’t want him to be president. Got it.

For the record, I plan to do everything in my power to prevent that catastrophe. Maybe for a lot of people that means resolute support for HRC/The Democratic Party free of criticism…

I’m interested in what kind of dialogue is actually more effective in changing minds and convincing people in swing states (the only voters that matter, let’s be honest) to vote HRC…

But since I live in a deep blue state, I’ve got some leeway for nuance in my voting strategy, we’ll see what polls look like come November.